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With Rail Bolts | Rail Clips | Rail Nuts Starting A Day of Trackwalkers

Today let’s follow two trackwalkers who work at the Suifenhe line to begin their service. Suifenhe line is famous for its double tracks, and this is also the unique double tracks in China. We called it “Riding Type Double Track Railway”. 

At 7:30 in the morning, two trackwalkers have packed the railway tools including adjustable wrench, rail bolts, rail clips, rail nuts and other signal protection spares which fully up to 15kg. 

railway tools

Why there are 4 stands of rail line?

On the east of Suifenhe, there is a Sino-Russian border rail line. On one hand, the standard rail gauge is 1435mm in China, while Russian use the 1520mm broad rail gauge. On the other hand, limited by the terrain, the double line railway is not allowed to be laid. Therefore, the unique “riding line” was born in China.

4 stands of rail line

But for the two trackwalkers, they not only should check the standard rail, but also check the broad gauge, actually they must take the double amount of work than the general trackwalkers. So what are the two trackwalkers should do during the inspection?

Fastening the railway parts so as to ensure the accessories’ security and stability. 

fastening the rail parts

Daubing oil in the small radius inside curve so as to increase lubrication and prolong the service life of railway accessories.

daubing oil

Removing the fallen rock in case it affect the train moving safely.

removing the fallen rock

Taking photos for the railway line and reporting the problems to the work area for repairing.

taking photos for the damaged joints

Taking a record for this inspection and the problems they meet.

taking record for this inspection

Two trackwalkers have a clear division of responsibilities, one person is responsible for the inspection and maintenance, the other one is responsible for carrying kit and observing if there are trains passing. 

two trackwalkers

Watching trains go through safely and thinking of the trains are full of tourists to travel abroad, they are both happy and proud.

At 11:30, they finished inspecting the last rail joint. Finally, the trackwalkers have the time to have a rest. 6.945 kilometers, more than 1000 rail joints inspection, 27 times daubing oil in the small radius curve, shoulder the heavy kit, they have already sweated like a dog. After a short break, they photographed with boundary tablets.

photographed with boundary tablets

It’s time to go back, but the trackwalker tell me that we have to patrol back according to the original road. This is also the standard of patrol—— walking back and forth to check. 

walking back and forth to check

Generally, the inspection ends at 2:00pm, they have to carry food and water and have lunch during the inspection. 

having lunch during inspection


In order to ensure the throat of international multimodal transport corridor unobstructed, the trackwalkers must inspect boundary line three times a week. Just for a mission, they adhere to the four rails for decades. 

the important 4 stands rail line

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