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Rubber Rail Pad

Rubber rail pads are widely used to reduce fatigue cracking of the concrete ties caused by the vibration of passing train. It is designed between the rail tie plate and foot of the rail, made by an elastic polyurethane mat, which is interposed between steel rails and tie sleepers to protect the sleeper top from wearing and impacting. 

Technical Data of Rubber Rail Pads
Material rubber
Standard TB/T2626-95
Application 43kg/m, 50kg/m, 60kg/m, 75kg/m 
Model number 43-7-7, 43-10-7, 50-7-9, 50-10-9, 60-10-17, 60-12-17
Operating temperature -50~70 degrees
Certificate ISO9001:2008
Notes They should be stored in clean, ventilated place. Don’t put under direct sunlight and keep away from heat source and chemical reagent. Don’t be contaminated by the oil, organic solvent and other chemicals. Forbid to be exposed.

Rail Rubber Pads for E-type Rail Fastening Systems

Rail rubber pads used for E-type rail fastening systems have similar functions of the rail insulators to insulate the rail above it from the tie sleepers lied below it, for effective protection against vibration and structure-borne noise as well. The rail pad works together with e-clips, rail insulators/insulated gauge blocks and rail shoulders/embedded parts to form a whole set of E-type rail fastening system.

 Rail rubber pads for E-type rail fastening systems

Rubber Rail Pads for Concrete Sleepers

Rubber rail pads for concrete sleepers

High-elastic Grooved EVA / HDPE / Rubber Rail Pads

High-elastic grooved EVA/HDPE/rubber rail pads

Our EVA/HDPE/rubber rail pads are with high elasticity, applying to types for rails such as rail UIC54, UIC60, BS80lbs,BS100lbs, and sizes as ordered. The pads can be customized with or without grooves, in various possible designs, depending on customers’ requirements.

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