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Rail clamp, sometimes called rail clip or rail fixing clip, is a kind of device used to maintain the lateral position of the rail. Rail clamps are always fastened onto the rail ties with anchor bolts to avoid risks. AGICO is a professional rail clamp supplier, our rail clamps are manufactured and designed by using high grade steel and other materials, conforming to the parameter of industry and market demands. A large range of rail clamps which widely applied in rail construction around the world for its top class and durability. For types, boltable rail clamps and weldable rail clamps are main varieties.

rail clamp

Our rail clamps can be well used in the acid rain area due to protection level over 9. Before shipping to customer every time, all clamps need to pass the 120h test of sulfur dioxide. For materials of rail clamps, Q235 by forging, ZG35 of cast steel and QT500-7-cast iron are top 3 choices, based on our former production experience.

Name Rail Clamps
Material Q235-forging ZG35-cast steel QT500-7-cast iron
Chemical composition(%) C:0.12-0.20, Mn:0.30-0.70, Si:≤0.3, P:≤0.045, S:≤0.045 C: ≤0.4, Mn:≤0.9, Si: ≤0.5, P:≤0.04, S:≤0.04 C:3.60-3.80, Mn:≤0.6, Si:2.50-2.90, P:≤0.08, S:≤0.025

Main Type of Rail Clamps

1.Crane Clamp 21/050 AN/BN

Being installed with crane clamps makes the rails have good tolerances and with them adjustable to ensure the rails’ precise alignment. Our clamps are designed to carry the heavy load which cranes pass to the rails. According to the end users’ needs the crane clamp can be bolted or welded for installation.

crane clamp 21/050 AN/BN

2.Crane Clamp 22/130 AN/BN

Such crane clamp is a special design to secure and fix the rails with a rubber nose. Such clamps can be used in different rail types through adjusting the height of the rubber nose.

Crane clamp 22/130 AN/BN

3.KPO Rail Clamp

KPO rail clamp is kind of boltable clip with high strength. KPO3, KPO6, KPO9 are more popularly used in rail fastening systems, by combining with ribbed tie plates, rail bolts and washers.

KPO rail clamp

4.Rail Clamp for North Africa

Such rail clamps are often used for rail lines or cranes in North Africa.

Rail Clamp for North Africa

5.K Type Rail Clamp

K type rail clamp

6.MTH Rail Clamp

MTH rail clamp

7.Other Clamps Depending on Customers’ Requirements or Drawings

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of railroad fasteners, our rail clamp is produced by the Railway Ministry’s technology of preventing corrosion. Adopting the two-way composite anticorrosion technology, our rail clamps have the comprehensive performance of resisting corrosion, wear, biting and fatigue. We are expecting sincere cooperation with you.


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