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Rail Joints

Rail Joint General Introduction

Rail joint is used to connect two rails together so as to ensure the safety and smoothly of train running. The rail joints are usually made of flat steel with four or six holes. As the most important part of rail joint system, on the one hand, when meeting the very high heat climate, rails will tend to expand or get longer, and the rail joint can provide rooms for expansion. On the other hand, rail joint is always installed near the road crossing, which gives great convenience for the repair crews to remove pieces of rail track with ease. AGICO has been committed to produce rail fastenings, rail joint systems and steel rail for at least 20 years. Whatever international standard or non-standard rail joint can be provided by us.

rail joints lateral view

International Standard Rail Joints

Different kinds of 3D view of the fish plate

Type Size
GB standard 43KG, 50KG, 60KG, 75KG
AREMA standard 115RE, 119RE, 132/136RE, 141RE, 100-8, 122CB
BS standard BS75R, BS80A, BS90A, BS100A, BS113A
UIC standard UIC54, UIC60
DIN standard FI30, FI33, FI41, FI49
AS standard 31KG, 41/47KG, 50KG, 53KG, 60KG, 68KG, NIJ-721, NIJ-722, 60AS, 85AS
Brazilian standard TJ57, TJ ASCE 90, TJ UIC60
Peruvian standard 75LBS A.S.C.E, 75 LBS BSS, 80 LBS A.S.C.E, TJ BS80A

10 Reasons for Choosing AGICO Rail Joints

  • AGICO can provide one-step service for various rail joints including development, manufacture and export service.
  • With over 80% market share in China Railway field as rail joint We provide Semi-finished products without holes or finished products with holes.
  • Fish plate holes can be punched or drilled.
  • Either common or insulated type available.
  • Over 100 types of dies ready, including those used for Thermit Welded Joints.
  • Over 50 types of standard and nonstandard fishplate DIES available for global buyers.
  • It is also fixed long term supplierfor international companies such as A&KATTVossloh and UT.
  • It is appointed supplier of CRECCRCCCCECC for contracted railway infrastructure construction projects both in China and overseas in 23 countries.
  • Customized products are available according to drawings and technical requirements.
  • Appointed CRCC manufacturer for railway parts in China, qualified to bid for giant and medium rail projects.

Recommended Rail Joints

1 UIC54 Rail Joints
Item UIC54 Rail Joint 6 Holes UIC54 Rail Joint 4 Holes
Specification 920mm long, 6holes 630mm long, 4holes
Unit Weight 22.9kg/pc 15.6kg/pc
Standard UIC
Material 55#
Packing Bundled by steel strips with iron/wood pallets
Surface Plain/Black Oil
Export Destination Southeast Asia
Product Picture UIC54 rail joint - 6 holes UIC54 rail joint - 4 holes

2 UIC60 Rail Joints
Item UIC60 Rail Joint 6 Holes UIC60 Rail Joint 4 Holes
Specification 6 holes 4 holes
Unit Weight   17.5kg/pc
Standard UIC
Material 55#
Packing Bundled by steel strips with iron/wood pallets
Surface Plain/Black Oil
Export Destination Southeast Asia
Product Picture UIC60 rail joint 6 holes UIC60 rail joint 4 holes

3 115RE Rail Joints
Model 115RE Rail joint 6 Holes 115RE Rail joint 4 Holes
Specification 36” Long, 6 Holes, size 3-1/2” x 6” x 6”, TO ACCOMMODATE A 1" BOLTS 24” Long, 4 Holes, TO ACCOMMODATE A 1" BOLTS
Unit Weight 25.5kg/pc 16.7kg/pc
Standard AREMA
Material 50#/55#
Packing Bundled by steel strips with iron/wood pallets
Surface Plain/Black Oil
Export Destination America, Canada
Product Picture 115RE rail joint - 6 holes 115RE rail joint - 4-holes

Capabilities Include

AREMA (American Railway Engineering & M/W Association) specifications including carbon steel or micro steel materials; Standard or Special Punching; All rail sections available from typical sections, or fabricated and machined from steel plate; Used for: Railroad – Transit – Industrial – Mining – Export; Short toe on all rail sections.

Adhering to quality first principle, AGICO pays great attention to quality control management on rail joint. We have been granted ISO9001-2000 certificates and have received the production license of China's Railway Ministry on railway products. We have a full set of inspection equipment to ensure all our rail joints are of high quality and up to customers' requirements.

Rail Joints Manufacturing Technique

All the rail joints are hot rolled from high quality steel, and accurately cut to lengths required and accurately punched to suit proper bolt holes. What’s more, stamped identifications to provide ease of installation, proper application, and quality identification for traceability.

rail joints production process

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