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Where Can I Buy Railroad Spikes?

Railroad spike is one of the most important rail fastening system in the railway construction. A rail spike is a large nail with an offset head that is used to secure rails and base plates to the sleepers in the track. Rail spikes are roughly chisel-shaped and with a flat edged point and driven into the sleeper with the edge against the grain, which give great resistance to loosening. The main function of railroad spike is to ensure the rail in gauge. In the railway construction, the installation of railroad spikes is not only simple when operating, but also with strong tightness. What’s more, the application of track spikes is inexpensive solution to securing rail track.

railroad spikes

Now we have learned the importance of railroad spikes, so where can we buy railroad spikes? There are many railroad spike manufacturers, how should we find the most suitable one? I sincerely recommend AGICO Rail to you. As a professional railway fastenings supplier, sales of railroad spike has been very good all the time. More about our railway fastenings, railroad spikes, screw spikes, dog spikes, please read the following contents.

Railroad Spikes Applications

Railroad spikes are widely used in many aspects no matter from coal and gold mines to sugar plantations, peat works, garden festivals and leisure parks, or in some heavy rail applications.  Our railroad spikes are over 30 dies standard and manufactured according to international standard such as GB, DIN, ISO, ANSI/ASTM, B7, BS, JIS etc. Non-standard OEM is available if you can provide drawings or samples. 

Screw spikes are usually used to fasten rail ties or sleepers, and also screw spikes can be used in conjunction with plastic ferrules, castes into concrete ties or sleepers. About the types of screw spikes, we can distinguish screw spikes in thread profiles, lengths, diameters and drive heads based on specific geographic requirements.

Dog spikes are usually used to fasten T-shaped rail tracks to wooden ties. Our dog spikes are available in varying sizes to suit most applications. AGICO can supply a range of popular dog spikes at the most economical prices. The following are some typical examples of dog spikes.

ARMEA Standard Railroad Spikes

ARMEA Standard Railroad Spikes
Size Length Material Surface Packing
3/4", 1/2", 5/8" 3", 3-1/2", 4-1/2", 5", 5-1/2", 6" Q235 Plain 200LB kegs and wooden pallets or according to clients' requirement

Medium Carbon Steel Track Spikes

This track spike is also AREMA standard with high tensile grade. The material used is the medium carbon steel, the chemical composition and mechanical properties should be as follows:

Material Surface Tensile Strength Yield Point Elongation Packing
45# Plain 70,000 psi Min 46,000 psi Min 25% Min 200LB kegs and wooden pallets or according to clients' requirement
Medium Carbon Steel Track Spikes

Dog-eared Spoonhead Spikes

Dog-eared spoonhead spikes are used for BS80LBS, 75LBS and 90LBS rails. The size ranges from 3-1/2" x 3/8", 2-3/4" x 1/2", 3-1/2" x 1/2", and 4-1/2" x 9/16" dog-eared spoonhead, and sheared patterns. In addition to these normal products, the shape and dimension of dog spikes can be designed according to our customers’ requirements. 

Dog-eared Spoonhead Spikes
Material Surface Size Length Packing
Q235 Plain 12mm, 13mm, and 16mm The length can be adjusted to client require Plastic bags and wooden pallets or according to clients' requirement

Square Shank Dog Spike

Material Surface Length Size Packing Market
Q235 Plain 150mm, 170mm 16mm, 19mm and 22mm Plastic bags and wooden pallets or according to clients' requirement Australian
Square Shank Dog Spike

Lock Spike

The lock spike is used to fasten elastic base plates on wooden sleepers. AGICO manufacture lock spikes with superior quality raw material which makes the durability for a long run.

Lock Spike
Material Size Length Surface Packing
Q235 3/8", 1/2" 6", 8", 10", 12" HDG, black painting, plain (oiled) 200LB kegs and wooden pallets or according to clients' requirement

Difference Between Dog Spikes and Screw Spikes

  • Screw spikes can give more than the twice of holding power than the dog spikes. 
  • In the aspect of production cost, dog spikes are lower than the screw spikes.
  • The spring washer must be used together with the screw spikes.

Whatever screw spikes or dog spikes, AGICO all can ensure their quality. Do you have a clear idea about railroad spikes? AGICO railroad spikes for sale must be your first choice. If you want to know more about railroad spikes or other railway fastenings, please continue to focus on us, we will have a continuous update.

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