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International Standard Railway Fastening Systems

Railway fastening system is used to fix rails to the sleepers or ties. Related terms are tie plates, rail clips, rail anchors, spikes and screws, etc. AGICO can produce different standard of rail fastening systems and next are some popular international fastening systems.

E-clip Railway Fastening System

E-clip rail fastening system is composed of E-clip, rail shoulder, rail pad, rail insulator. AGICO e-clip rail fastening systems are widely used in many countries and we can meet customers’ special requests. Safe, reliable and original designer makes our customers spread all over the world. 

e-clip rail fastening system

KPO Railway Fastening System

KPO rail fastening system is composed of KPO clip, screw spike, HS bolt, Hex nut, double coil spring washer, base plate. 

kpo rail fastening system

Nabla Clip Rail Fastening System

Nabla clip rail fastening system allows us to further enhance and simplify the installation operations and track maintenance. Its principle is to separate electrical insulation from the lateral support function by using two components assembled in the factory. Nabla clip rail fastening system is composed of Nabla clip, insulator, screw spike and spring washer. 

Nabla clip rail fastening system

SKL Clip Rail Fastening System

SKL clip rail fastening system includes SKL tension clip, Ss35 screw spike, flat washer, plastic dowel, guide plate, rail pad, of which rail clip is the main parts. It is calculated by the bending and twisting deformation, buckle pressure effect on the orbit, which effectively guarantee the reliable connection between rails for a long time, keep the integrity of the orbit as far as possible.

SKL clip rail fastening system

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