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Fish Plate | Tie Plate | Rail Fastening System | Crane Rail Clamp for Sale

AGICO specialized in manufacturing and supplying railway products, including railway joint, railroad fastening system, and related fastening parts for railroad construction for over 20 years. We not only have rich experience in production, also improve our production technology constantly. Moreover, we are launching new types of railway accessories during the more than 20 years so as to meet our customers’ requirements. The following are some of our new products.

Fish Plate

rail fish plates

Fish plate, also named rail joint or joint bar, is a metal bar that is bolted to the ends of two rails to joint them together in the track. A quality fish plate can largely reduce the impact of wheels to the jointing section and ensure the stability of the train running. AGICO can provide different types of fish plates such as fish plate for crane rail, fish plate for heavy rail, fish plate for light rail. Apart from these fish plates, there are some new types of fish plates provided by AGICO recently.

New Product Application Material Standard Unit Weight Surface Treatment Packing Export Destination
SJ50 fish plate   50#   11.59kg/pc Plain    
SJ43 fish plate   50#   10.16kg/pc Plain    
TJ57 fish plate   45#   17.36kg/pc Plain   Brazil
S30 fish plate   50#   5.8kg/pc      
CR135 fish plate CR135 crane rail 50# ASTM-43   Plain
Hot-dip galvanized
Wooden box India
CR171 fish plate CR171 crane rail 50# ASTM-43 16.0kg/pc Plain
Hot-dip galvanized
Wooden box India
S49 forged fish plate   Q345 UIC49 8.60kg/pc Sand blasted + oiled   Albania, Yugoslavia
S60 forged fish plate   Q345 UIC60 14.50kg/pc Sand blasted + oiled   Albania, Yugoslavia

Tie Plate

tie plate

Tie plate is a thick panel made of steel which is used between the rail and tie or sleeper. Rail tie plates are used to given a smooth and uniform bearing surface for the rail and the tie in order to prevent the rail from cutting the tie, maintain gauge, and also helps to better distribute the wheel load to ties. AGICO has rich experience in tie plate production. All types of tie plates such as tie plates by casting, forging or rolling can be find and we also constantly launch new types of tie plates. 

New product Application Specification Material Standard Unit Weight
115RE tie plate AREMA 115RE rail   Q235 or QT400-15   10.6kg/pc
132/136RE tie plate AREMA 132RE rail
AREMA 136RE rail
  Q235 or QT400-15   11-12kg/pc
115D tie plate AREMA 115D rail   Q235 or QT400-15   28.8kg/pc
100-8B tie plate AREMA 100-8B rail   Q235 or QT400-15   26kg/pc
S49 tie plate     QT450-10
Subway tie plate
1/4”* 8” * 19-1/2” Hot rolled carbon steel ASTM-A36
Subway tie plate
1/4”* 8” * 19-1/2” Hot rolled carbon steel ASTM-A36
01-63-14 USA
Subway tie plate
  20#   4.53kg/pc
01-63-13 USA
Subway tie plate
  20#   5.56kg/pc
Base plate GB38kg rail   Q235 or

Rail Fastening System

fist fastening system

Rail fastening system is usually used to fix rails to the railroad ties or sleepers. Rail clip, base plate, screw spike, rail clamp, rail bolt, nut, rail washer are the main parts. Apart from SKL clip rail fastening system, E-clip fastening system, KPO rail fastening system, Nabla clip rail fastening system and high speed rail fastening system, AGICO can provide some new rail fastening systems like fist fastening system, nabla fastening system, KPO 3 fastening system.


Fist Fastening System

Item Export Destination
Rail clip African area
Base plate
Insulated steel pin

Nabla Fastening System

Item Surface Treatment
Nabla clip Red stoving varnish
Plastic insulator Color is optional
Screw spike Hot-dip galvanized
Plastic dowel Color is optional

KPO 3 Fastening System

Item Material Unit Weight Surface Treatment Packing
Rail clamp Q235 0.670 Zinc Gunny bag + pallet
Bolt 4.6 0.302 Zinc Gunny bag + pallet
Nut 4 0.153 Zinc Gunny bag + pallet
Plain washer Q235 0.050 Zinc Gunny bag + pallet
Screw spike 4.6 0.553 Hot-dip galvanized Gunny bag + pallet
Spring washer 38Si7 0.080 Hot-dip galvanized Gunny bag + pallet
Base plate QT450-10 7.932 Plain Buddled + pallet

Crane Rail Clamp

crane rail clamp

AGICO GROUP can supply a variety of crane rail fasteners, such as crane rail clamp and crane rail clip whether it is heavy duty or light duty. We have the range of products to supply what you need for your different specific requirements.

Item Application Material
100 Ton electric
overhead crane clamp
DIN A100 rail Q345
10 Ton electric
overhead crane clamp
DIN A45 rail Q345
45 Ton electric
gantry crane clamp
DIN A65 rail Q345
CR171 gantry weldlok-24    
Crane rail 8119/15/40    
GANTRAIL 9120/15/38    

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